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Here’s to Your Health: Kum Nye Tibetan Relaxation and Healing

Here’s to Your Health: Kum Nye Tibetan Relaxation and Healing

By Mitzi Reed Contributing Writer Kum Nye (pronounced Koom Nyay) is an ancient Tibetan healing system that aims to harmonize and integrate mind, body and spirit. The word “Kum” means body or embodiment.  “Nye” means massage or interaction.  Kum Nye consists of simple but effective healing exercises that work to relieve stress, transform negative habits, […]

Two Exercises In One:The Dumbbell V-Up And Other Exercise Myths

By Joe Breen, C.F.T. Contributing Writer When it comes to working out, one of the things that people become apprehensive about is time. There is isn’t enough time and there are too many exercises to do for a body part. One such muscle is shoulders. Men want their shoulders to be powerful, thick and wide […]

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Workout with Iyan: PLANKS

Following Matt

By Joe Buda Matt Burress has a goal.  He wants to lose over 250 pounds.  Matt has a few reasons for wanting to lose the weight. “I just want to feel like I can participate in society.” Matt explained. “When you are this size, you really don’t feel like you can.” “People’s attitudes, your own […]

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