Spectrum Indian Wells Contemporary Art Show to Show the Finest Art

Oceanids by Anita Lewis

By Ashley Glenn

Spectrum Indian Wells will be coming to California’s Coachella Valley for the second year in a row to showcase some of the finest artists from across the country and around the world. Produced by Redwood Media Group, the show will be bringing an arts-and-culture to an area famous for sporting events, cultural happenings and music festivals for four days filled of fine art starting on March 17.

“I’m always excited for a new crowd and a new opportunity to meet people,” Robin Raznick, one of the artists to be featured, said. “I think there’s going to be a draw both nationally and internationally to the art show.”

Raznick, an educator and working artist, will be showcasing her colorful, abstract representative paintings at the Spectrum Indian Wells art show. Raznick is not only excited to meet fellow artists and admirers, however, but to also see the other variety of events happening that weekend.

“There’s so much stuff going on,” Raznick said. “It’s going to be fabulous. The tennis tournament, horse show, and there’s a food event… It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The variety of activities going on that weekend in the area is one of the major attractions to the Spectrum Indian Wells art show, if not the gorgeous venue. The show will be taking place at Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa, settled against the scene of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains.

The show is all about diversity and celebrating art that enriches the community. Attending artists are doing things never seen before. One artist, Vandegraaff Gearheardt, will be presenting steampunk-themed pieces at the show as well.

“It’s supposed to get you out of your everyday into a fantasy place,” Gearheardt said. “So that’s what I’m trying to create.”

Gearheardt, a retired engineer, has been utilizing his skills to create art that is not only thought-provoking, but is also an experience for those who visit his booth. Gearheardt has been in previous galleries before, from Arizona to San Diego, but Spectrum Indian Wells will be taking art to the next level.

“There’s nobody out there with a working Jacob’s ladder inside of a clock,” Gearheardt said. “Engineering helps me make it work… But at the end of the day, it’s not the engineering, it’s the creative spirit.”

Artists such as Gearheardt will be showing new pieces at Spectrum Indian Wells, providing an experience for those who attend. Art like this will be hard to come by anywhere else; Spectrum has made sure to pick the best of the best. Anita Lewis is another one of those artists, excited to give the crowd something new.

“I think I’m going to surprise them… I might even surprise myself,” Lewis said. “What they’re looking for are my abstracts, however as an artist I don’t like to be tied down, so we’ll see.”

Focusing in conceptual abstract impressionism art, Lewis has also dabbled in various forms of art. Lewis has been selling her art since the age of eleven and has watched the art community change in different ways.

“It’s not easy,” Lewis said. “If anyone wants a career in art, it’s just as hard a job as any other.”

Artists such as Raznick, Gearheardt and Lewis spend hours, sometimes days, on the pieces they showcase. Spectrum Indian Wells will be a one of a kind experience to see art like this in a way not provided anywhere else.

To find out more about ticket prices and the Spectrum Indian Wells art show, visit spectrum-indianwells.com. To see more of Robin Raznick’s work, visit www.robinraznickfineart.com. To see more of Vandegraaff Gearheardt’s work, visit, www.v-gearheardt.com. To see more Anita Lewis’ work, visit www.anitalewis.com.

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