San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Best Year Yet?


Photo by Tony Villalobos

By Liz Tarnof, Informer Media Group.

Photo Credit: Tony Villalobos

This is it. The event we’ve all been waiting for: San Diego Comic-Con 2016 and we were thrilled to be able to spend four exhilarating, exemplary and exciting days at SDCC. Where do we begin!

Super heroes, villains, and the guys in between. SDCC was all about showcasing the most popular Marvel and DC movies, including Suicide Squad, Captain America: Civil War, and X-Men: Apocalypse. DC really went all out with the Suicide Squad which included a meet and greet with the entire cast, life size mannequins showcasing the squad’s outfits, giveaways and photo ops. Everywhere you turned, you would most certainly see Harley Quinn’s cheeky grin and the Joker’s insane smile.

X-Men: Apocalypse came in full force with a life size “flying” statue of Magneto hanging over an interactive puzzle. We had the opportunity to experience this interactive event which involved a group of 10 or so people entering a small room upon which we were split up into teams. Each team had to solve different puzzles in 8 minutes or less…heaven forbid the 8 minutes were up…otherwise Apocalypse would destroy the world. Happy to report, we solved the puzzles, and humanity was still intact. Furthermore, the employees working the Apocalypse interactive gave out free t-shits that were actually legitimate looking. Score!


Photo by Tony Villalobos

As per usual, SDCC offered tons of panels ranging from the big daddy’s such as Game of Thrones (sad to see no Kit Harrington this year), The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time as well as the smaller beloved panels such as Cosplaying 101. Plenty of special guests made their appearances (cough, Chris Pine, cough), causing mass hysteria in the halls and many a fan-girl and boy to lose their minds.


Photo by Tony Villalobos

This year, it seemed to be all about the SDCC exclusives. Illusive, rare, and hard to get, these “exclusives” usually involve guests waiting in a line at 6 am to receive a wristband to wait in another line hours later. We were on a mission to purchase a Transformers Generations: Titans Return Titan Class Fortress Maximus. Weighing in at a couple pounds and a little under 2 feet tall, we hastily prepared ourselves for lugging this thing around all day. Now for people who aren’t fully familiar with these wristband lines, there is usually a way to get in without one. After a couple hours each day the con is in effect, Hasbro will open up the line to anyone without a wristband. We attempted to purchase Maximus on Wednesday and Thursday, only to be turned away because they were sold out. On Friday, we were starting to get dismayed as Friday is a much busier day, and it looked like Hasbro wasn’t receiving a large shipment of their exclusives. We decided to give it a shot and we headed over to the Hasbro booth. Surprise! The Hasbro rep said they were having people line up in a overflow line, and they had plenty of merch in stock. We hastily ran over to the overflow line and waited, patiently. We finally got herded into the normal line, and eventually got our greedy little paws on the magnificent Maximus. Case in point, do not give up!

Now let’s talk logistics…this year SDCC changed it up with the badge process. For anyone who attended this year, they received a plastic card inserted in a plastic badge holder. These badges were required to be scanned when the attendant entered the convention center as well as leaving. This system was put into effect in the hopes of preventing badge duplication (it worked), and to alleviate clogging of the exhibition halls (also worked). This year it was much more manageable to roam the exhibition hall and we thank SDCC for that. However, we aren’t so sure on how we feel about zip-tying all weapons to their respective owners.

Were we happy with Comic-Con this year? You bet!! July 2017, we are waiting for you!

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