The Empowerment Column 2014: Rise and Shine

By Rev. Thabiti

Las Vegas Informer

With all of the chaos being reported everyday all over the world and along with the increasing struggles and hardships of so many it is reasonable for any of us to wonder, are we coming or going?  Then we have the corruption of businesses and government at every level lying to us and ripping us off so much that the majority of us end up feeling like helpless rape victims.  Many of us don’t know what to do, who to trust or where to turn.  We have become so afraid that we run to synagogues, mosques, temples and churches to pray to a seemingly reluctant deity for a cure to our sense of hopelessness.

rise and shine2

As hard as it may be to believe at times help really is on the way.  Better and brighter days are still our future.  We must snap out of the cry baby mode and accept our truthful reality in its ‘As-Is’ condition while knowing that what is governing all existence is aware of our fears, worries and concerns.  There is a new world coming but often times during the remodeling process some things must be torn down so that it can be replaced by the new.  Therefore all of the agonies we perceive are simply the necessary birth pains that are part of the transformational process but let’s not lose sight of the beauty of the birth that is coming or shining through.

Every adversity is there to make us stronger.  We cannot control everything but we can control our response to anything and this is why it is time to rise and shine.  Regardless to what is seemingly going on there are still those special individuals who live determined to operate in a way that says “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

There is nothing that has the power to take away our happiness or peace of mind except for the things we allow.  Nothing can bother us without our consent or permission.  The things we allow to bother us are the same things we are unconsciously giving our power away to.  As we decide to reawaken, rise and shine we reclaim that same power we have been giving away.  We now realize it was only nothing trying to become something that could not be anything until we let it. The bottom line is it has no power to even exist unless we say so.

Quitters never win and winners never quit.  There is always a way to overcome and prevail over anything.  We always have access to unlimited cleverness and creativity.  If we are stuck in the dark then we can allow faith to be our sight.  Anytime we see someone upset it is because Life is not going their way or things are not unfolding or happening as expected or desired.  The truthful reality is – Life does not go anybody’s way – it goes its own way.  The ones who will suffer or struggle the most are those who are trying to squeeze the vastness of Life into their narrow perception of the way Life is.

During the worst storms our ancient ancestors would simply hide inside of caves and patiently wait understanding and knowing that the storm will ALWAYS pass.  We cannot have day without night or positive without negative.  We cannot disconnect the black cable from the terminal of our car batteries because we only want positive energy flowing into our cars.  The Universe does not operate this way and neither does any car.

The more we learn and understand how the Universe works the easier it becomes to improve the way we live.  Our life is an innocent mirror always reflecting our attitude, perception and belief.  This means any person with a bad attitude is guaranteed to be miserable.  The nature of Life is perfect, whole and complete and the reason why each sunrise is never late.  Life has an unerring way of putting us all in the perfect situations and circumstances necessary for our growth and development into higher states of consciousness.  Life can never make a mistake in putting us through experiences necessary for our souls to become more spiritually awake.

Since perfect order governs all existence is why everything is and always will be exactly as it is supposed to be.  No matter what has happened or knocked us down yesterday and no matter how much damage was done by the storms that will happen from time to time we get back up, brush ourselves off, rebuild and continue our journey into the adventures of being alive.

The way we respond to what happens reveals how awake, spiritually aware or conscious we are or what it really means to rise.  A good attitude determines or displays how much we shine.  This is why we choose in this moment not to give up or complain but instead we choose right now to rise and shine.

Eternal Blessings

This week’s message is dedicated to Lindsay Marino of Tampa, Florida.  Lindsay is a highly respected Spiritual Teacher and a gifted Intuitive Medium and Radio Talk Show Host.  She also specializes in helping people re-connect with loved ones who have crossed over.  Lindsay is a spirited, upbeat and inspirational lady who operates from the power of love and beauty.  She is having me as a guest on her show called Intuitive Guidance this Monday, May 12th at 5pm PST. Please visit  for more info.

Reverend Thabiti is internationally known as the world’s most accurate personal forecast expert. His Time-Map System at provides illuminated directional guidance to those who want to see which way leads to what they seek to accomplish.  Reverend Thabiti is also author of the books, ‘All About You.’ and ‘The Secret Wisdom of the Ages.’  He writes the Mars vs. Venus Column in Las Vegas Woman Magazine and also officiates at weddings, funerals and event or ceremonial invocations.  Contact:


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