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22501a_copy_1By Lisa Collins-Haynes

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Have you ever heard that hindsight is 20/20?  Or have you ever thought, “If I only knew then, what I know now”?  That was my initial reaction when I recently heard about the RFID passport wallet by Allett.

While traveling out of the country to attend a popular music festival, I was careless and  never considered that I would be a victim of credit card fraud while there.  Two days after returning home, I received a call from my bank’s fraud department.  The agent asked if my credit cards were in my possession and I causally replied that they were.  She asked if I had traveled out of the country recently and I again replied yes.  She then wanted to know if I had been in a grocery store in New Hampshire.  Well, red flags, bells and whistles started going off for me then, as I had never been to New Hampshire in my life.  The agent stated that a card with my number was being used at that moment and she wanted to verify if it was me or not.  Luckily this was caught in time.

travelingThe big question I had was how this could have happened.  My credit card never left my possession.  The agent explained that criminals have a swiping machine; where they pull the numbers from your card magnetically and create a new credit card with your number, then sell it.  I was amazed at the technology and thought, “If they would only use their powers for good…”

Fast-forward to Allett and their RFID passport wallet and realizing that hindsight is indeed 20/20.  As an avid traveler, I take many precautions and measures to ensure my personal safety when traveling abroad.  But I never considered how to adequately protect my most valuable assets; my passport and credit cards, until now.  My newest travel companion, by Allett offers 360 degrees of protection within the exterior and each interior pocket; along with radio frequency magnetic shielding.  The RFID wallet is also made with a military grade multi-metalized liner throughout, extra thin, comes in Napa leather and is made in America. This is the kind of protection I wished I had at the music festival.  As the saying goes, “When you know better, you do better!”  I won’t be traveling unprotected again.  To learn more about the RFID passport wallet and other products by Allett, visit them at

L.HaynesLisa Collins-Haynes

Lisa Collins-Haynes is married and the mother of one daughter. She is currently working as a Freelance Travel Journalist and has had several articles published.  Lisa is a self-professed out of control travel spirit (O.C.T.S) and she invites everyone to follow her new travel blog at

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