Playstation 4 in 2014

By Sean Molloy

There is not doubt that the release of the Playstation 4 a few months back has been a massive success for Sony. In just 24 hours, the PS4 sold through 1 million units in North America alone. Within a month a half, that sales number ballooned to over 4 million systems worldwide, making the machine the fastest selling video game console in history. So what can gamers look forward to in the next year? As it turns out a hell of a lot.

PS4 games listPlaystation Plus

While both Sony and Microsoft both require a yearly-based subscription service to be able to play all of the games you want online, the Playstation membership is still in this writer’s opinion, the best deal in gaming. Every month, members get a free game, no fuss, no hassle, and no taking the easy way out. The games given out are literally some of the best the console has to offer. For example, Resogun, the current highest rated game on the Playstation 4 was free right out of the box on launch day. I don’t know what kind of financial impact that could have had on the company but by the grace of Playstation Plus, gamers got a chance to play the best game (arguably) on the system to really show off what it can do. Since then a steady of games including Don’t Starve, and next month’s Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which is currently $15 on Xbox Live. And although this article is focusing on the Playstation 4, Sony is still showing so much love for the PS3 and PS Vita, as of this writing Bioshock Infinite; one of the biggest and beloved games of 2013 is free for all Playstation Plus members. Just ridiculous. Please readers, if you aren’t a part of this service, pay the $50 and start reaping your rewards.

Playstation Now

At CES 2014 held in Las Vegas, Sony revealed the Playstation Now streaming video game service. The idea is to allow classic Playstation titles to be streamed and played across any current generation piece of hardware. This would allow all of those gamers who pine for backwards compatibility to finally play all of those nostalgia-inducing games anytime they want. Not only would these games be able to play across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, but let’s say you have an Xperia phone or a Sony TV…yep you can play on those devices too. There are only a few games confirmed for the service including Naughty Dog’s masterpiece The Last of Us and the controversial game Beyond: Two Souls from Quantic Dream. More details are coming soon but for now there is going to be a closed beta test scheduled for the end of the month with Playstation Now aiming for a summer 2014 launch.

The Games

With both new consoles now on store shelves, well kind of, The PS4 is still incredibly difficult to keep in stock; the focus now is on what it should be, the games coming these new toys of ours. Last year at the E3 Expo, Sony promised that it had over 140 games in development. 2014 comes around with some of the most impressive titles hoping to be released. Highlights throughout the year include titles such as Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Driveclub (a launch game that was delayed), Infamous: Second Son, The Order: 1886, Destiny, The Crew, Watch Dogs and more. The impressive lineup is full of a kind of variety that hasn’t been seen in a long while.

SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT INC. LOGOThere is no doubt that Sony and the Playstation 4 has come out of the gates red-hot. The real question is if it can keep this lead it has on the Xbox One. 2014 looks like it is going to be a year full of gaming greatness and I can’t wait to see what else this newly energized company and product has coming. 

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