REVIEW: LG BH9431PW 1460W 3D Blu-Ray Theater System

Theatre SystemBy Jeff Jorge

Contributing Writer 

LG’s BH9430PW 3D Blu-Ray theater system is great for people who want to have a great entertainment system.  LG’s BH9430PW adds Smart TV apps, games, movies and the power of the Internet entertainment to your home.  Wireless features include Internet access over Wi-Fi, and the rear speakers wireless connection into the system.  The thin, tall front speakers deliver sound from a wider angle while the wired sub-woofer completes the sound system.  The speaker cones are made of high resistance, minimal distortion Aramid fiber, the same as what is used in bullet-proof vests.

People who have used this system praise the 9.1 channel sound coming from the front speakers that are available with black or black and gold cones.  The 51.1” high front speakers helps the surround sound come from all around the listener.  People who used the BH9430PW commented that the sound was pretty awesome and quite good for a system at this price.

Built in Wi-Fi and Smart TV in the BH9430PW lets users watch their favorite videos from Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and many more right from the Blu-Ray disc player.  You will find its that its so convenient to be able to watch movies, TV shows, and all those funny or memorable videos everyone talks about.

The disc player is a great part of the LG BH9430PW system as well.  It allows you to pop in a few different types of discs for when you want to watch a movie that way as well.  The player reads ultra high resolution 3D and 2D Blu-Ray discs as well as the standard DVDs that a massive number of movies are on.


The LG BH9430PW theater system brings many desirable features to your entertainment system.  The special materials in the speakers mean you will hear great sound from what you are watching through the system.  The 9.1 sound setup means that you’ll be able to hear sound all around you which lets you really experience what you’re watching.  The Smart TV features that allow you to watch YouTube, Netflix, and a whole bunch of other Internet based entertainment all in one place is a huge benefit.  Another great reason to you should get the LG BH9540PW home theater is that you have access to every kind of disc out on the market as well for even more stuff to watch.

Jeff JorgeJeff Jorge

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