David Alvarez Urges Kevin Faulconer to Support Open Government Charter Reforms

David AlvarezToday, Councilmember David Alvarez called on Kevin Faulconer to support Open Government Charter Reforms which will be heard by the Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee on  Jan. 15. Both Councilmembers Alvarez and Faulconer are members of the committee.

“Since before I was elected to the City Council, I always believed strongly in government working for the neighborhoods and communities throughout San Diego,” said Alvarez. “Part of that is making sure that we have high standards for open government and transparency for City Hall.”

On Wednesday, the Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee will hear a proposal led by Councilmember Alvarez and former Councilmember Donna Frye to update the City Charter with new open government reforms. The item, IB, would make the following changes to the Charter:

1.    Ensure that communications in all mediums, such as text messages, concerning the public’s business, be open to public record requests 

2.    Require a written justification from the city if access to information is denied to the public

3.    Limit document and record copy fees to the direct cost of duplication

4.    Clarify that public access applies to records of city employees and city contractors, not just elected officials

5.    Require that any city-adopted rule or policy limiting access to meetings or records must be based on factual evidence of need and reviewed annually

If the Charter reform proposal clears the committee and the full City Council, it would be placed on the June 2014 ballot.

“Will Republican Kevin Faulconer support my proposal and make city government more accessible to the public? I urge him to do so and to ensure this gets on the June ballot,” said Alvarez

“As Mayor, I will fight to ensure that the people of San Diego have access to City documents and records.  I will make responding to Public Records Act Requests a priority, as I have done in my City Council office.  The people have a right to know what their government is doing and I intend to preserve that right.  Honest and transparent government is the only effective government,” concluded Alvarez.

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