David Alvarez and Senator Feinstein: Assault Weapons Must Go

David Alverez 2California Senator Diane Feinstein, announced her endorsement of Councilmember David Alvarez for Mayor citing his leadership on public safety.

Senator Feinstein joined a growing list of endorsements for Alvarez but specifically referenced his leadership on public safety by introducing a resolution in support of her Assault Weapons Ban in the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee. The legislation calls for the city to support Feinstein’s bill, which prevents the sale, manufacturing and importation of assault rifles with ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Alvarez is the only candidate to have signed the “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” pledge.  

“I am so honored to stand with Senator Feinstein to get high powered assault weapons off of our streets,” said Alvarez. “We’ve seen one too many breaking news stories ripping communities apart. Let’s put an end to these senseless acts of violence with common sense solutions.”

Along with law enforcement organizations, health care associations and religious institutions, the San Diego Unified School District passed a resolution in January of 2013 supporting an assault weapons ban.

Citing Police Officers who had been confronted by men wielding assault rifles, San Diego Police Chief William Landowne fully supported Alvarez’s resolution and said at the time of the vote, “We see it as a critical issue for public safety and certainly for law enforcement”. (March 13, 2013)

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