REVIEW: SnapStream Version 6.1

snapstreamBy Andre’ Haynes and Jeff Jorge

SnapStream specializes in digitally recording, storing and searching content broadcasted on television networks including cable, satellite and the direct feed that a typical broadcast station uses. You can search recorded shows via keywords and do just about anything with the results you find.  SnapStream is an integrated highly flexible expandable hardware and software solution to locate television content.  SnapStream can be used from home or your office and only a television service provider is required in addition to a hard-drive that is provided by SnapStream. 

The physical SnapStream box is a server designed to store, recall, create and send customized video clips.  High capacity hard drives store a huge number of hours of video and closed caption text.  SnapStream’s built in video capture cards connect local cable, satellite, or antenna television sources to bring video into the system.   SnapStream has its own powerful search engine that can handle synonyms, pronouns and errors in the closed captioning system. It provides best results when key information such as schedules, networks, show names and talent names are available to focus searches.

Network ports let you link SnapStream units together and lets your computer or mobile device have access to the SnapStream.  SnapStream offers a very rich portfolio of hardware devices that add to what the base SnapStream unit does.  For example, you can get SnapStream devices that record standard and high definition video streams, store TV video, video conversion and compression, video editing and other specialized tasks.

Snap Stream’s version 6.1 software runs in your browser and is a great complement to the impressive hardware. Anyone who has gotten great results using Google searches will be at home here.  The software has a program guide screen that lets you quickly set up which shows will be recorded to the library.  After you have stored video in the library, searching is quick and powerful.  The new 6.1 search engine released in early December 2013 uses language intelligence to give you both exact and broad matches.  This intelligence includes correcting spelling and using logic to bring up similar matches.  After you get search results you can watch the clip, save the clip, send clips via email or convert clips to other video formats for use on other devices.  You can also set up email alerts to let you know every time a term is said on television.

Andre_Haynes_-_Photo_thumb_medium125_Andre’ Haynes

After enjoying over a decade of success as a national concert promoter and a major record company executive, Andre’ Haynes embraced new endeavors and ventured into political consulting and public relations. In 2011 he founded Endeavor Media Group and quickly garnered special recognition for community contributions and outstanding service.  Haynes is a highly sought after public speaker, advisor and media personality.  (

Jeff JorgeJeff Jorge

Jeff Jorge is the Director of Operations and a Staff Writer for Endeavor Media Group, a Las Vegas based full-service public relations and political consulting agency.  Jeff has extensive experience in basic computer programming, consumer electronics, laptops, desktop computers, Windows, Macintosh and Smart Phones. He is a graduate of the Computer Network Systems Technology program at ITT Technical Institute in Tampa, Florida and a Valedictorian graduate from a vocational PC Support Services program in Panama City, Florida. (

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