The Online Tools That Help You Get Home by 5 p.m.

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Oh, the irony. All the whizz bang technology that is intended to make our lives easier has actually turned us into slaves of technology. Every keyboard click, email, and phone call can and often is monitored (if not by your employer than by Big Brother). Notwithstanding that we are probably working more efficiently and productively than ever before, we seem to be spending more time in the office and having less and less down time. Technology is keeping us away from what is really important in our lives – family and time for ourselves and our friends.

However, notwithstanding that technology may have to some extent enslaved us, there are online tools that enable us to do our work more efficiently and actually get out the office door and home at an hour when we can still enjoy the day. Following are some of those tools:

BigDates – returning to what is truly important in life – you and your nearest and dearest; it is important to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc. BigDates sends a message to your cell phone and email so that you don’t have to dedicate time to this task and you can stay on top of things quickly and easily. It is quick and easy to set up, inexpensive to join, and will save you time and aggravation.

Cogniview – pdf to excel this tool enables you to quickly and easily convert native PDF files to Microsoft Excel saving you the hassle of extracting data. Irrespective of the size of the PDF and almost irrespective of the type of PDF, PDF to excel gets the job done. This is achieved by applying a “single page structure” to multiple pages and extracting data from different table formats, rotated pages, font inconsistencies, and other annoying irritations.

Waze – recently acquired by Google for over USD1 billion, they must’ve been doing something right. Waze is an app that provides real-time geographical navigation for smartphones, saving you travel time. After all, if you get into the office on time (or early) because you avoided a traffic jam or two, you can get your work done and leave earlier. You can also get home quicker due to this smart app.

Convertii – An online and cheap tool that enables you to convert native and scanned PDF files to Word. No download necessary so the converting is done quickly, easily, and accurately. It also works with Dropbox and from mobile devices.

PhoneTag – what will they think of next? If you have to turn off your smartphone or missed numerous calls for other reasons, PhoneTag converts the voice messages to text and sends a copy to your email. This saves you heaps of time having to listen to messages on numerous occasions or actually forgetting that you failed to return a call. If the text seems incorrect, check the attached MP3 file to verify things.

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