Councilmember David Alvarez Gets into San Diego Mayor’s Race Runoff

Secures the backing former front runner and third place finisher, Nathan Fletcher

David AlvarezCouncilmember David Alvarez celebrated what is turning out to be a primary election victory over Nathan Fletcher in the race to become San Diego’s next Mayor.

Coming from single digit support when the race kicked off, to ending up with more than 25 percent of the vote on Tuesday night, Alvarez gained traction every day with a positive, grassroots campaign that focused on describing his vision for a San Diego for everyone and every neighborhood.

“We started this campaign as an underdog, but we stuck to our values and talked about the issues that our neighbors, co-workers, friends and family care about – getting to the finish line with an amazing amount of momentum,” Alvarez said.

Although provisionary votes are still being counted, Fletcher, conceded and endorsed Alvarez, saying he’ll put his full support behind Alvarez.

Alvarez responded with appreciation for Fletchers public service and backing.

“I want to thank Nathan for his support. He has been and continues to be someone who has put community service above himself,” Alvarez said. “We share a vision for the future of San Diego, where we invest in our neighborhoods, protect our environment and strengthen the middle class. I look forward to broadening the coalition of San Diegans who share that vision too.”


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