The Distant Bride: Using Pinterest for Wedding Planning

0303_NAT_Distant bride column logoBy Sasha P. Rincon

No more than four months ago I was a novice to the pinboard-style photo sharing website, we know as Pinterest. Still on the fence about whether or not I would commit to updating another social media account on a current basis or more importantly memorizing yet another username/password for access; I was skeptical to its true value – so I decided to wait it out. Slowly observing the experience of close friends and receiving the insistent invites from friends’ to ‘Join Pinterest’ – I caved and set-up an account, but that’s as far as it went.

As months went by, my Facebook newsfeed soon replaced pictures of what friend’s had for lunch with a log of what they had ‘pinned’ on their theme-based image collections – still not convinced, I didn’t create one board, I didn’t even add a bio to my account.

Then, I became engaged…

With three bridesmaids in Las Vegas, a maid of honor in New York City and a mother-of-the-bride in Orlando, it wasn’t going to be easy to share wedding planning ideas with one another…enter the power of Pinterest.

One of my bridesmaids suggested the virtual Pinboard as a solution and quickly created a board titled, “Sasha’s Wedding Ideas” (Pinterest: Sasha Wedding Ideas) and tasked us all with making it the catch-all for nuptial inspirations (from decorations, invites, dresses, colors, games, venues, you name it!) Fast forward two months, we’ve inspirationally pinned 153 items amongst the five of us, amassed 90 followers, and have been repined more times than we can count. Who knew right?!

As a distant bride, it proved to be a no-hassle way to share my thoughts for my big day with my bridal court; and get their collective feedback in one easy to view location; no more reading through the email thread to see where the conversation or consensus had left off on the ‘bridesmaids’ dresses. Taking it a step further, my virtual hub of wedding finds, soon became a checklist of items to purchase or ‘do-it-yourself’ projects to start for my big day – scratching a few off each weekend; it’s visual image based layout made it less intimidating than a growing written list for me to tackle; which any bride could appreciate!

Here are my top three ‘Sasha’s Wedding Ideas’ pinboard finds:

Last Pinboard-style wedding planning bonus worth pointing out…

Just last week, my bridesmaids and I embarked on my first ‘Say Yes To the Dress’ outing – reluctant as I was to try on the white gown(s) – we forged into the taffeta and lace boutiques armed with our virtual inspiration board with dress idea selections at the touch of our smartphones; saving both trees (no need for print outs of bridal dress ideas) and giving the bridal consultant the visual reference she needed to get our appointment off to a good start.

Distant Bride Sasha Rincon Head ShotCynical as I was to start, I now log into my Pinterest account several times a week and “pin” ideas to my wedding board almost daily, proving even the biggest doubter can have a change of heart.

More on my ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ expedition in the next ‘Distant Bride’ column, happy planning…

Till next time!


The Distant Bride


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