A Magical Tour of Hammargren World

By Nikki Artale

Las Vegas Informer

Photos by Nikki Artale

Dr. Lonnie Hammargren once again opened up his home to the public in honor of Nevada Day on November 3rd and 4th at 4318 Ridgecrest Drive, Las Vegas. It was the 17th annual celebration highlighting his vast collection of memorabilia that he has collected over the years. www.nevadadays.org

Lonnie moved to his home in 1971 and soon after added a second floor planetarium and then continued to expand adding bridges, tunnels and building up to three levels. He wanted to live within a few minutes from the hospital where he took care of his patients.

Dr. Hammargren was a noted neurosurgeon and served as Lt. Governor of Nevada 1995-1999.

Dr. Hammargren

Dr. Hammargren started at the age of five collecting butterflies and his collecting has grown all these years into his own fantasy house. Home is where the heart is and you can see his heart in his fabulous collection. He fulfills his fantasies and it shows in the displays of selected items.

He performs with a local polka band the Dummkopfs on Sundays at the Skyline Casino in Henderson. The band entertained the crowds at the open house.

I felt like I was reliving Willie Wonka days as I wandered through out the house and now I’m wondering if I saw everything. We went in and out of wings,  up and down staircases and rooms and I was fascinated with everything.

It was a great experience to see the Nevadahistory in all the memorabilia and I am definitely going to visit the house again next year. Dr. Hammargren is still collecting items and his latest additions are from Phantom of the Opera which morphs into Phantom of Paradise. One of his newest pieces is the stuffed turkey on his dining room table.

Nikki Artale

Nikki Artale, a woman of many professional backgrounds and experiences, is originally from a small town in North New Jersey. She moved here to Las Vegas back in 1995 to pursue the booming real estate market and has since been a contributing columnist for the Las Vegas Informer – interviewing the stars and entertainers for “Vegas Stars.” She has hosted a radio talk show, Celebrity News at All Talk Radio and has also been a part of a live internet webcast at “Live at the Studio.” Her numerous interviews with those responsible for the glamour behind Las Vegas can be found on her website www.ILoveLasVegasNV.net.

Nikki has also been active in the entertainment industry behind the camera – she belongs to the Screen Actors Guild and has been in numerous movies and has also judged screenplays for the Las Vegas Film Fest. Not only has she been behind the camera in the industry but also as a critic and has written many show reviews. You can usually find her at big entertainment events with her Nikon camera and smile, ready to review, interview, and capture the moments that make the night.

Aside from her lengthy experience in the entertainment industry she is also a successful Real Estate broker with 30 years of professional and dedicated services. She serves the greater Las Vegas area and has an in depth knowledge of the real estate housing market. She prides herself in giving excellent service to buyers and sellers with 100% of her time. You can contact her with the information below for any questions, comments or requests of services.

NikkiArtale@cox.net 702-279-7001

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